17 augustus 2020
Profielfoto van Thomas Plochg

“Wat is je 'BIG idea' de public health in de toekomst? De World Federation of Public Health Associations en de WHO stellen je die vraag.”


Dear colleagues,

The World Health Organization is developing its first ever learning strategy. Dr. Gaya Gamhewage who is the head of learning and capacity building is very keen to incorporate  the voices of front-line health workers into the learning strategy. They want to ensure that all health workers, but especially those in  low-and-middle-income countries participate and that their ideas are incorporated, to begin to address inequities in access to information.  Hence, they have come up with a very short survey for people to complete, called the “Big Idea”. I support their efforts to be inclusive. The deadline for the completion of the survey is next 30  June 2020.

Although they have received  more than 2,000 responses, they are asking for one more effort to reach more people with the survey.

Thanks very much,

Maria Mata

Administrative Manager

World Federation of Public Health Associations

Institute of Global Health
c/o Campus Biotech
Chemin des Mines 9

CH - 1202 Genève

Profielfoto van Piet van Loon
Orthopeed/ houdingsdeskundige

Like in the COVID-19 pandemia we learn , that only primary prevention by hygienic measurements help to stop the most worst scneario's.
With most other conditions that we can relate to our very much changed lifestyle, especially important in the period of growth, all \public Health efforts should focus on the development of healthy children from the start. We had all the knowledge once in our medical knowledge and was used in Germanspeaking countries to ensure all known hygienic mesurement were taken by parents and the educational system to take care of also the biomechanic part of Health in the growing child: taking care of good postures and optimization of the neuromusculoskeletal apparatus. This was the field of ( now classic and mostly forgotten) Orthopaedics , schoolgymnastics and excersisetherapy called Heilgymnastik or Krankengymnastik.
As orthopedic surgeon I refound much of this and unkonown scientific work on the processes of growth. Here some presentations and a review article on all the work he late Prof Milan Roth, neuroscientist ( Brno, 1923-2006)